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lecture: Experimental Fermentation Institutes Network (EFIN)

fermenting together for better future


This talk introduces the concept of experimental, educational and production centers which focus on fermentation arts and science. The range of the topics to cover is huge from new approaches in beer making, building up incubators to make it happen too many more. The places are community run, based on the open source concept of collaborating and sharing the results of their findings, functioning as a topical hackerspaces. They have strong ties with local communities in places where they are based, which needs they are trying to fulfill. They aim to collaborate internationally to promote this network of independent centers by strengthening the knowledge exchange by variety of means. We present both freshly established “facts on the ground“ and also the theoretical framework for creating new places and interlinking them together. Combining the fermentation arts of our ancestors, today’s science achievements with tomorrow’s technology is the aim!

In these days there are many newcomers to the hacker movement. Facilities which would focus primarily on food and drink biotech following the basic hacker standards like independent forms of funding, open source collaboration etc. have been few if not missing in the movement so far. This talk is going to explain why is it important to have them - food & drink biotech is a huge sector where mostly corporate doctrines ruled so far, having minimal ethical and moral challengers, therefore building up a know how fallowing the principles described above is crucial. This presentation will describe how the centers can be started based on previous experience. It will discuss variety of options how to get funding to open its doors and consequently how to keep the lights on. Also the legal structure like for-profit, non-profit etc will be discussed.

In summary the aim is to share the experience about how to start up places like this to stimulate their spread, interlinking them and helping them to prosper. It is also a call for building up place like this in Europe.

As a demonstration fallowing project can be run by the Experimental Fermentation Institute focusing on a fermentation biotech. This project is focused on promotion and development of food sustainability in local rural communities using variety of fermentation cultures and techniques. The goal is to use the regionally available alimentary resources, preserve them in the time of abundance for periods when they are scarce and process part of them into higher value products for recreational use and trade. This is going to be achieved by selecting appropriate fermentation cultures/microbes and adequate techniques which will be combining the traditional knowledge and state of the art technology, resulting in scheme aimed on small to medium production. Fermentation facility will be designed to suit the needs of rural areas including production, educational and experimental purposes. Next step will be creation of training program which will allow to the interested participants to master these techniques and carry out the production. As the final step, the participants will be motivated to start their own businesses supporting therefore the green collar worker scheme and local economy. All of the developments in this project will be based on open source approach and shared with community.


Day: 2015-09-13
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:45
Room: Tesla



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