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lecture: CryptoParty must die

User pain level: too high.


Privacy is a basic human right - a right that is not respected. To reclaim our privacy in our daily communications, we need to use crypto tools. We need everyone to use them. This is why movements like CryptoParty exist. But CryptoParty shouldn't have to exist. Crypto tools should be accessible to everyone, which is not the case. It is time to change that. And CryptoParty will be happy to die.

Protect your privacy. NSA, GHCQ, BND, Google, Facebook and all the others are watching you. You should be aware of it, and you should act against it. Get all the tools, encrypt all the things. Use PGP, TOR, OTR and the rest.
User pain level: high. But it's worth it, and you should do it.

I am a journalist, an activist, and a CryptoParty organizer. I am not a techie.
I love organizing CryptoParties. I love sharing, exchanging and teaching everything I can about the use of crypto tools to everyone who wants to learn.
But I also wish this wouldn't be necessary. I wish there would be no need for CryptoParties. I wish it would be easy for everyone to protect their privacy.
Privacy is a basic human right, a right that is not respected.
In the current situation, we know that crypto tools are the best way for everyone to reclaim some privacy back in their communications.
CryptoParty was created because these tools, even the most basic ones, are too complicated to use for everyone that doesn't identify as an expert in using computers.
We need better accessibility to crypto tools and better communication between the nerd scene and "normal" people. We need programmers to work on better user experience, we need people who know how to communicate to help the tech scene to spread their tools. We need to work together, to help create a world where everyone has the ability to protect their own privacy. A world where CryptoParty is not needed. User pain level: none.


Day: 2015-09-11
Start time: 21:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla



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