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lecture: Rasterising Legal Layer

What rights you give for free services


There is an invisible legal layer on the internet that we all agreed to when accepting Terms and Conditions of various internet services. This lecture rasterises legal layers of the most popular internet consumer services, showing the big picture of individual rights and obligations when using those services.

How the most popular e-mail, social media, money transfer, news portals, application markets and other internet services deal with individual rights such as:
- personal data and privacy rights,
- consumer rights,
- contractual obligations,
- rights to know,
- rights to work,
- copyright and intellectual property rights,
- rights to sue (file a lawsuit) and other rights.

If information is currency, what kind of information are we giving in order to pay for popular free services, and how much does it actually cost us?

What are most popular jurisdictions among providers of various internet services and why?

What is the applicable law when accessing those internet services from Serbia?


Day: 2015-09-12
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla



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