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lightning talk: What is hackerspace


With so much talk about hacking and hackers, we never talked about what hackerspace really is. As a matter of fact, we never talked about hackerspace at all.

Serbia is not rich in hackerspaces. Up to April 2015, there was only one, in Belgrade, called Hacklab. In April, thanks to LUGoNS crew, Novi Sad got Tilda Center: yet another hackerspace. The problem is that folks in Serbia (founders included) have no idea how hackerspace should operate, what it should be, and what it shouldn't. We came to conclusion that, even there are tons of videos on the Internet about hackerspaces throughout the world, people, especially citizens of Serbia, need explanation what to expect in centers like a hackerspace/makerspace. This talk will address this problem with the emphasis on what Tilda Center is and how it operates.


Day: 2015-09-13
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Pupin



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